A photograph of Shugri Salh.

About the Author

Shugri Salh is author of the memoir, The Last Nomad (Algonquin, 2021) and a supporting actor in the upcoming Apple TV+ “Little America” episode set in an immigrant Somali community.

She was born in the desert of Somalia in 1974 and spent her early years living with her grandmother in the desert as a nomad. In 1992, after the civil war broke out in her home country, she emigrated to North America. She attended nursing school at Pacific Union college and graduated with honors.

Shugri has been storytelling since she could talk. From her grandmother and the nomadic community in which she was raised, she heard stories and learned of their power to entertain, teach, and transform. When she isn’t writing or telling stories, she works as an infusion nurse. Shugri Salh lives in San Diego with her husband and three children.