The Last Nomad

“Certain stretches of highway that meander through the hills and valleys near my Northern California home always remind me of the lands where I once lived. My innate compass guides me as easily through this maze of roads and highways as it did through the endless, unmarked terrain of the desert…”

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Praise for The Last Nomad

“In this agile personal history of trauma, civil strife, and asylum, debut author Salh vividly describes a youth divided between opposing worlds… Salh’s prose radiates with deep empathy and sensitivity, a reflection of the gift for storytelling she inherited from her poet grandmother. This stuns with its raw beauty.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A brilliant and riveting book... The Last Nomad introduces the reader to the real lives in Somalia and the resilience of its people not only inside the nation but beyond.”

—Abdi Nor Iftin, author of Call Me American

“Shugri Salh's The Last Nomad is a fascinating look at a disappearing culture. It's told from the perspective of a girl growing into womanhood in a place where women's value and virtue hinges on the actions of men. Salh's stories of bravery and resilience intersplice with those of everyday joy and struggle. They show her forever navigating the place where two worlds collide with grace and skill, as perhaps only a nomad can.”

—Tracey Baptiste, author of The Jumbies and African Icons: Ten People Who Shaped History

“A clear-eyed and moving chronicle of her coming-of-age during a tumultuous time in the history of her native Somalia... A thoughtful look at life in an often-misunderstood culture and region.”

—Kirkus Reviews
Hi, my name is Shugri Salh
Shugri Salh was born in the desert of Somalia in 1974 and spent her early years living as a nomad. In 1992, she emigrated to North America after the civil war broke out in her home country.
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